Prosper North registration and application

1. Quick eligibility quiz

Please answer the following questions to check whether your organisation is eligible for Prosper North - the business and investment readiness support programme for the Northern Cultural Regeneration Fund.

1. Which northern Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) region is your organisation based in? If you're not sure, click here for a map of LEP regions. *


2. Does your organisation preserve, present, curate, exhibit, promote or educate about local, regional or national cultural heritage?

Please note: cultural heritage could be physical (e.g. buildings, artefacts etc.) or non-physical (e.g. traditional dance, music or craft/making practices etc.) *


3. Does the work your organisation does, either directly or indirectly, provide positive social impacts, such as:
  • training, education and participation opportunities for your local community; or
  • a safe, inclusive space to experience art and culture; or
  • improves well-being and reduces isolation for local and diverse communities; or
  • safeguards and promotes local stories and heritage?