Pump Room Gardens


1. Are you filling in the survey:


2. How often do you visit the Pump Room Gardens?


3. If you visit the Pump Room Gardens, what are your reasons for visiting? (tick all that apply)


4. How much do you know about the Heritage Lottery funded restoration project that has recently been completed at the Pump Room Gardens?


5. Thinking about the Pump Room Gardens, what do you think about the level of information on site?


6. Are you aware of the following items relating to the Pump Room Gardens:

UsedAwareNot aware of
Spa Gardens Leaflet (available at Art Gallery and Museum)
Pump Room Gardens Leaflet (available at Art Gallery and Museum)
Free Wi-Fi in the Pump Room Gardens
Monthly Green Spaces Newsletter
'Rediscovering a Lost Art' short film about the bandstand

7. What do you think of the following elements at the Pump Room Gardens:

ExcellentGoodAveragePoorN/A or unsure
Rain Garden
Linden Arches
York Bridge
Litter bins
Trees and planting
Orientation point artwork (outside Royal Pump Rooms)

8. Do you have any comments on the above items?


9. Do you ever (tick if you have):

Look at Warwick District Council’s website page to find out about the Pump Room Gardens restoration project or the heritage of the site
Look at the Warwick District Council’s social medial posts to find out about events and activities happening at the Pump Room Gardens?

10. Did you attend any of the following events on the Pump Room Gardens in 2019?


11. What is the first part of your home postcode? (for statistical purposes only)