Patrick Stead and Rayner Green engagement exercise



This survey will be open between 10am Monday 5 February 2018 to 10am Monday 5 March 2018

We have prepared some commonly asked questions and answers about the proposals which you may wish to read before completing the survey, you can read them here.

The Proposal

In 2015, NHS Great Yarmouth and Waveney CCG ran a public consultation called the Shape of the System. At the end of the public consultation, the CCG committed to work with local clinicians in Halesworth and surrounding villages to develop new out of hospital services for patients. Once these services are in place the CCG said that there would no longer be a need for the GP community hospital beds at Patrick Stead Hospital and the CCG would be able to close the hospital.

On 30 November 2017, the CCG approved annual investment of £1.3 million in new out of hospital services for South Waveney which began operating in January 2018. This included access to an out of hospital team, access to beds with care in local care homes and a minor injuries and phlebotomy service.

Now these alternative services are in place, the CCG can make a final decision about the future of the beds in Patrick Stead Hospital which have been closed to admissions for many months. We will also decide how the remaining services on the site will be configured.

This includes phlebotomy and services like diabetic retinopathy screening which are still provided inside the main hospital building and will have to be moved out to allow the hospital to be closed. It will also include therapy services provided in a separate building on site. Our proposal is to relocate these services into the Rayner Green Centre. This will mean that day care services in the Rayner Green centre will cease. If this is agreed by the CCG, then the Patrick Stead site including the main hospital building will be put up for sale on the open market.

During the next four weeks, the CCG will ask for people’s views on these proposals:
  • Relocating phlebotomy, therapies and diabetic eye screening to the Rayner Green building. 
  • Explore options for the services currently provided at Rayner Green. 
  • Explaining that the Rayner Green Day Care Centre will no longer be funded by health.  Alternative ways for providing wellbeing, care and support will be discussed on an individual basis with each customer and provided through social care eligibility criteria where appropriate. 
These proposals will be considered by the CCG’s Governing Body on 22 March. This survey gives you the chance to have your views heard about relocating services out of the Rayner Green Centre.
About the Rayner Green Centre


The Rayner Green Centre was set up in 1994, designed to meet the health and care needs of service users to enable them to remain within their communities and by timely interventions reduce the requirement for hospital admission. Attendance at the centre also supports carers in the community by providing respite. In line with best practice, alternative services have been offered for those with needs since Autumn 2016 following social care assessment.

The centre provides services for up to 15 people a day with activities to stimulate motivate and promote independence. Some people come more than once a week and not all are from the immediate locality of Halesworth.

The service is currently funded by NHS Great Yarmouth and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Suffolk County Council. The facility is within the grounds of Patrick Stead Hospital. East Coast Community Healthcare provides the care in the centre.

The CCG’s proposal about Rayner Green

The CCG is working with Social Care colleagues to ensure that for each customer has a person centred care and support plan but they will not be provided in the Rayner Green Centre. The CCG is proposing that it will not fund the care in the Centre and that:
  • Access to alternative arrangements/ provision will be through social care eligibility assessments
  • Those not eligible will be able to self-fund
  • The Rayner Green day service would be replaced by alternative wellbeing, care and support provisions (i.e not at Rayner Green) for each customer which will be discussed on an individual basis.