Wiltshire Safeguarding Adults Board Survey - Your chance to help us shape service


1. Are you:


2. Were you aware that you were subject to/part of a safeguarding investigation?


3. If yes, was the reason for the investigation explained to you?


4. Did you feel well supported throughout the process?


5. If yes, why was this, what help were you given that was helpful? If not, what help would you have liked?


6. Did you feel involved in the process?


7. Why was this?


8. Were you able to ask questions?


9. Do you feel that you were listened to?


10. Were you kept informed throughout the process?


11. If yes - How did this happen? If not - How did this make you feel?


12. What information did you receive before/during and after the investigation? Was this helpful?


13. Was the information provided to you in a format which you could understand?


14. Were the staff you came into contact with polite, professional and approachable?


15. Did you know who to contact if you had a question or concern?


16. What happened?


17. Did you have any concerns about the process?


18. Were you able to raise these concerns and was action taken?


19. Are there areas where you felt that the process didn’t work well? Could you tell us why - what improvements could be made?


20. Do you think that the process could have worked differently?