South Cambridgeshire Community Facilities Study - Parish / Town Council Survey

South Cambridgeshire District Council wishes to conduct a study of community facilities (community buildings), across all the parishes and towns of South Cambridgeshire, to help identify future priorities for spending in each place, based on an assessment of local need. It has commissioned Cambridgeshire ACRE to undertake this work on its behalf.

The first element of the study is a survey of parish / town councils to establish the community facilities that exist within their parishes and towns. The survey seeks information on general local needs and demands for community facilities. It will identify how the facilities have met local needs and what aspirations are there for new buildings or improvement. If no community facility exists in a parish or town, the survey aims to find out where people go to participate in community activities.

Further elements of the study will audit existing community facilities and survey those who manage the primary community facility in each parish / town.

Please support this work by completing this short survey. The survey will close on Friday 12 January 2024.
If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Alison Brown, Head of Business Services on 01353 865029 or email her at

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