Streamlined energy and carbon reporting taxonomy survey

1. Streamlined energy amd carbon reporting taxonomy consultation
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A Draft Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) Taxonomy is open for consultation
The draft SECR taxonomy is a proposed addition to the FRC Taxonomies suite to reflect the new reporting requirements for energy and carbon data introduced on 1st April 2019. The new requirements apply to all large companies and LLPs as well as to all listed companies and supersede Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting which has been in force since 2013. While it is not mandatory to tag SECR data, Government is keen to enable companies that file their annual reports digitally to be able to report their SECR data in the same way to ensure the same level of transparency is available to external users.
To respond to the technical aspects of the taxonomy
The SECR Taxonomy suite has been released on Yeti for consultation.  The taxonomy is standalone to enable it to be used with other accounting taxonomies in the FRC taxonomy suite. 
The draft has been uploaded on Yeti and can be viewed by on the following link:
‘Yeti’ is a live consultation programme accessible via the internet, which enables preparers and interested parties to submit responses in relation to the SECR taxonomy as and when they wish or apply it in practice. This ensures transparency and consideration of users and preparers needs and experiences.

To respond to other aspects
In addition to Yeti responses, BEIS and the FRC have raised some relevant questions below to promote interest in the consultation and generate discussion about SECR taxonomy and its use.  Please use the following form to respond to the questions, or email your responses to 

Answers are provided in the strictist confidence - for further details about how the FRC processes data see the following page of our website - (right click and open in a seperate tab to keep the survey open).