Development of a sustainable SEND system


1. Introduction
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About this survey

Our vision is to create a long-term plan of sustainable, high quality an inclusive SEND provision for children and young people in Liverpool. We want to develop a system that enables children and young people to access a wider mainstream education, ensure a sufficient supply of special school places and access settings closer to home.

We recently commissioned SEND4Change to review our current provision. We are consulting on a number of recommendations from the SEND4Change report and want to hear your views on each of the four main proposals and options for each area. 

Who is this survey for?

This survey is aimed at schools and professionals. There is a separate survey for parents, families and young people with SEND.

How will my consultation response be used?

We will use your comments and feedback to shape how we proceed with our long-term strategic vision for SEND provision. 

We will not be collecting any personal or identifiable information as part of this survey and you will be able to submit your response until the closing date of 15th October 2021.

Thank you for your contribution.

Please note that an asterisk (*) indicates that the question must be answered.  You will need to complete all required questions before you can move on to the next page or submit the survey.