Share your COVID-19 Experience Story.

1. If you or someone you care for have contracted COVID-19 we would like to hear about your experience.

Health and care services are keen to learn about how COVID-19 has is affecting peoples lives, their long term health, their life style and their family. Sharing your experience will help us to understand the real impact that COVID-19 is having on our city.

1. When did you have COVID-19?


2. Did you seek medical advice from any of the below?

From NHS 111
From Your GP
Attended Emergency Department
Was admitted to hospital

3. Please share your story.


4. Would you be happy for your experience story to be used:
(If your name or any identifiable information is contained in your story they would be removed before sharing)

Internally to raise awareness and training
On our website
On our social media

5. Would you like to receive:

A response to your experience story
Information on how your story is used
Information on how you can be involved in the future