Spirit of Young People
1. Who is your 'Spirit of Young People'
Loganair and partners are searching the islands communities of Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles for 30 individuals (10 for each LA area) who represent the ‘Spirit of Young People’. We are on the look out for young people aged 8 - 26 years that could have: Gone the extra mile, excelled through sport, arts, culture, been ambassadors for their community, helped the environment, been a fundraising hero, promoted the importance of physical and mental health, challenged the negative stereotypes of young people or championed diversity. Nominations can be made in April & May 2018.

1. Who would you like to nominate:


Please tell us why this young person should be considered as a 'Spirit of Young People' for their community?


2. What Local Authority does the young person reside in?


3. We would also like to put your nomination forward to be considered for a Young Scot Awards 2018. Please let us know if your happy with this and consent to share your nominees amazing story with Young Scot and the Sunday Mail?


4. Your contact details?