Strand/Aldwych Consultation


Thank you for taking part in our consultation on draft design concepts for the Strand Aldwych area. 

This consultation will close on 13 March 2019.

1. We are interested in the views of a wide range of people and organisations. Therefore to help us analyse the results of the consultation we would appreciate it if you tell us a bit more about yourself. This data will only be used in relation to this project.

Are you completing this questionnaire as a…? Please tick as many as apply


2. Please tell us the postcode of your home/place of work/organisation. We are asking for this information in order to look at the views of different groups of people in different areas. This information will only be used to analyse responses to this survey.


3. To what extent do you support the objectives for this project (listed below)?

Better movement of traffic – improved journey times and safety for many routes by removing the gyratory, having two way traffic in Aldwych and removing it from part of the Strand.

Improve the public realm – creating an attractive public space on the Strand and a better pedestrian experience on Aldwych.

Improve links for walking and cycling – providing better connections to the surrounding area and improving safety for the 14 million people who visit each year.

Improve air quality – addressing air quality across the whole project area, reducing traffic in some areas, mitigating the effects of traffic in other areas and working with partners to influence, lobby and explore opportunities for positive change.

Support culture, education and innovation – creating opportunities to showcase the area’s wealth of cultural and educational talent and encouraging opportunities for collaboration.

Support the area’s economy – enhancing its vibrancy, productivity and creativity by celebrating its unique character.


4. Do you have any views on the overall concept designs?


5. Do you have any comments on any of the below themes in the draft concept designs?

Do you have any comments on getting around the area?


6. Do you have any comments on air quality?


7. Do you have any comments on improving spaces and places?


8. Do you have any comments on culture, education and innovation?


9. Do you have any comments on supporting the local economy?


10. Are there are any themes you would like to comment upon?


11. If you have any suggestions on the themes listed above, which you feel would improve the Strand Aldwych area, please write them in here. You can also leave any other ideas you would like to propose for the area here.


12. How did you find out about this consultation? Please tick as many as apply.


13. If you would like to receive updates about the Strand/Aldwych in future, please leave your contact details below. By leaving your details you are consenting for Westminster City Council to contact you about this topic. If you subsequently contact us and request to be removed from the mailing list we will do so. We will not keep your personal information for longer than is necessary for our purposes.

Thank you for completing the questionnaire. Please note this is the last question in the survey.

If you would like to leave any further feedback about this project or if you want to speak to someone about this consultation, please email or write to FREEPOST WCC RESEARCH.