Surrey Switch Organisation Survey

Thanks for taking part in this short survey. It will take 5-10 minutes to complete. To thank you for your time you will have the option of being entered into a free prize draw to win a tablet.

This survey has been designed by Citizens Online, we're an independent Digital Skills Charity. We have been commissioned by Surrey County Council to research digital exclusion across Surrey, working together with other organisations to ensure we include the excluded and provide support. All of your responses are confidential and will help us to understand how your organisation uses technology and supports others to use technology.

Please read the statements below, and if you agree to continue, click the button below to begin the study. 

1. I confirm that I have had the opportunity to ask questions.

2. I understand that my participation is voluntary.

3. I understand that all the information I provide will be kept confidential and anonymised, so that it cannot be traced back to me (your employer will only receive consolidated data and will be unable to identify individuals).

4. I agree for my answers to be analysed together with others' responses, and published as part of the research project.

5. I agree to take part in the research project.

The results will be presented to the Digital Inclusion Project and shared with it's stakeholders. 

Many thanks again for your time.
Citizens Online

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