Parent Questionnaire 2022

Talk Education is a global digital hub for independent education, comprising a schools guide, parent advisory service and educational events company. Our schools guide gives parents and prospective pupils unbiased information and guidance on independent schools around the world, going beyond the glossy prospectuses to paint a true picture of life in each school, for the parent community as well as the pupils. 

We would be very grateful for your help in answering the following questions, giving us as much detail as possible. We will use the information you give us to write our school reviews and would like to be able to quote you as ‘a parent’, but will never use your name. 

To thank you, we’ll be offering every parent who completes our questionnaire a one-year subscription to Talk Education, free of charge. If you know any other parents who would be happy to fill out our questionnaire and receive a free subscription to Talk Education, please forward them the link.

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Thank you very much for helping with our research. 

1. Your name:


2. Your email address:


3. Your school’s name:


4. How old was your child when they joined the school?


5. What made you choose the school for your child?
Please tell us about the school’s greatest strengths.


6. Which other schools did you look at, and which factors influenced your final choice?


7. What was your – and your child’s – experience of the admissions process?


8. Please tell us about the headteacher.
What are his or her strengths?
Were they a defining factor in your choice of school?


9. Have any members of staff made a particular difference to your child’s time at the school?
If so, please tell us about them.


10. How effectively does the school communicate with parents, in the good times and the not-so-good times?
How involved do you feel with your child’s education?


11. What has your experience been of the school’s pastoral care?
How does it look after pupils’ wellbeing?
How well does the school know your child?


12. How well is the school preparing your child for the next stage of their education?


13. Please tell us about the school community: close-knit or far-flung?
Is it welcoming to new families?
Is there an active Parent-Teacher Association?
Regular parent social events?


14. Is there anything you wish you’d known about the school before you joined?
Has it lived up to your expectations?
Are there any areas in which it hasn’t lived up to expectations?
Any advice you would give to new parents?


15. Is there anything else you would like to tell us?


16. Are you happy for Talk Education to contact you with a link to a complimentary one-year subscription and add you to the mailing list for our newsletter?

By completing this questionnaire, I give Talk Education the right to use the information, anonymously, in its editorial content.