Tell Us Totnes!

This survey is now open.

Please only proceed if you are over 18 and live in Totnes or one of the surrounding parishes: Ashprington, Berry Pomeroy, Cornworthy, Dartington, Diptford, Halwell & Moreleigh, Harberton, Little Hempston, Marldon, Rattery, South Brent, Staverton or Stoke Gabriel.  

We'll ask you about four things: 
  1. How you’re feeling in general
  2. Your most pressing worries, needs, issues or problems  
  3. What support, advice or care you receive, as well as what's missing
  4. Who or what you feel connected to
​Your answers are 100% confidential and anonymous - you can never be identified from your responses, so please be as honest as you can. You'll need to allow 10-15 minutes to complete the survey - please answer all of the questions.

This survey is being run by Caring Town. We're a network of over 80 local organisations and groups who provide services and activities that support our health and well being. This includes Leatside and Catherine House GP Surgeries, Totnes Hospital, Totnes Town Council and our community organisations and charities such as Totnes Caring, Citizens Advice, Totnes Connection Hub, Proud 2 Be, Lifeworks, Citizens Advice and voluntary groups such as Walk & Talk and Bridgetown Alive - plus many more. 

We've come together to try to make sure that everyone in our community has the help and support that's needed, across all stages of our lives. To best do this, we need to understand the needs and issues you and your loved ones are facing right now - and this survey will give us this information.

UPDATE: A plea to please complete the survey all the way through - we can see that some people are leaving before the end page and it means we can't use your data... Thank you for helping with this important work... 
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