RHC and RP chatbot feedback

1. Welcome

The RPH and RHC really appreciate your time in testing this chatbot, we hope that this can offer users some support during our office closures. 

This chat bot is for testing only and is not a support channel. If you need to contact  Report Harmful Content (RHC) or The Revenge Porn Helpline (RP) please do so by clicking the links. You can find out more about the services on their corresponding websites. 

Your answers will only be used to inform the development of the chatbot and will only be retained for three months. You do not need to enter any personal details, and this survey is completely anonymous. We will not contact you directly for any further testing, and all future tests of the chat bot will only be available via the Revenge Porn Helpline and the Report Harmful Content services. 

In order to continue please tick the box to show you have read through and understand this. *

Thank you for that.

Our chatbot prototype is provided by Landbot ; when you click on the link, it will take you to an external page.  Please leave any feedback for the chatbot here, and don't worry about being critical - we want to make it work for users.

You do not need to put any identifiable information, this is purely just to see if the chatbot would work for you.

How useful did you find the chatbot for both services?

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1 being not at all useful]


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How easy was the chatbot to use?

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How would you like to see the chatbot in our websites?

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