New tugs poll


1. Here’s your chance to help select the names for Orkney’s new tugs, which are currently under construction in Turkey.

The votes cast in this poll will determine the names that will grace the hulls of the new vessels, which will replace two of the thee tugs currently operated by Orkney Islands Council Marine Services.

We’re asking that you vote for one of four groups, each containing three names. These have been put forward by the tug crews and other Marine Services staff.

Two of the names would be given to the tugs currently being built in Turkey. The other would be held in reserve in case the Council decides at a later date to replace the third tug as well.

Please select the group you would prefer:


2. A winner will be drawn from the votes for the most popular group of names, invited to take part in the naming ceremony and offered the opportunity of a family trip aboard one of the new tugs.

If you would like to be entered in the prize draw, please include your name, address and a phone number or email address here:

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