Thank you for agreeing to complete our survey. There is a growing evidence-base which acknowledges that some groups may be under-served by the current design and delivery of research studies. This survey is commissioned by the  NIHR Under-served Programmes Board and is targeted at those participating in research design and delivery. The survey seeks to explore who you feel are the under-served, what are the most impactful factors on being under-served and what changes you have seen to address this in research. In addition, it also seeks to understand if your experience differs based on your own characteristics. The survey should longer than 10 minutes to complete. For further information on the under-served in research and the work NIHR are involved in please go to: 


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1. In which part of the UK are you based?


2. Gender:


3. Age group


4. Which of the following best describes your ethnic group?


5. Do you work in (please tick all that apply)


6. Which main specialty do you work in?


7. Do you have direct contact with research participants?


8. Are you involved in identifying potential participants for research studies?


9. Are you involved in consenting participants to research studies?