Veterans Data Accelerator: Expression of Interest


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11. Are you currently serving? Please note, this programme is available only for Veterans or Family members who are in employment outside of the Military.

Please note: As part of future phases within this year, we are exploring options to support individuals looking to retrain and change careers to access high quality roles among our world class clients (like Cognizant, Barclays, CBRE, Marsh McLennan, to name a few!) *


12. How did you hear about this opportunity? *


13. Are you nominating yourself? If so, for which programme(s):


14. Do you meet the programme eligibility criteria? If nominating yourself, please select which apply to you:

Working 30 hours+ per week
Right to live and work in the UK
Work at least 50% of the week in England
In full time employment outside of the Armed Forces or MoD
No prior qualifications in data, analytics or digital transformation

15. If you are nominating your team or employees:

When stipulating which program(s) you are nominating an individual for, please use the following format: You can nominate the same person for several programmes, though they can only apply for one. To do this, please enter the programme codes separated by a comma, e.g. 'DL, DF, ADF'. 

When you nominate your employees, they will be invited to Programme Information sessions, held during May, to find out about the programmes and get support in deciding if it's right for them or not. It is not a confirmation or commitment of a place. 

Please ensure you only nominate employees who meet the following eligibility criteria:
  • Have the right to live and work in the UK
  • Spend at least 50% of their working week in England
  • Have been a resident of the UK for at least 3 years (although there are exceptions for Veterans, so please just notify us if this doesn't apply to you) 
  • Work at least 30 hours per week
  • Do not have significant prior learning with the course content

Nominee NameEmail AddressPhone NumberJob TitleProgramme (DL, DF, ADF)
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