Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA)

A licensing authority may publish a Cumulative Impact Assessment stating that it considers that the number of licensed premises, in respect of premises in one or more parts of its area, is such that it is likely that it would be inconsistent with the authority’s duty to grant any further relevant applications in respect of premises in those areas.

The Council published a Cumulative Impact Assessment in September 2019: cumulative impact assessment (opens in a new window)

Why are we consulting?
Where a licensing authority has published a cumulative impact assessment it must within three years consider whether it remains of the opinion stated in the assessment. Before deciding whether it remains of that opinion the licensing authority must carry out a consultation.

What are the likely outcomes?
If having consulted the licensing authority decides that it is no longer of the opinion set out in the CIA, then it must publish a statement to that effect. The statement must make it clear that any reference to the CIA in its policy no longer applies.  However, if after consulting the licensing authority decides that it is of the opinion set out in the assessment, it must revise the CIA to include a statement to that effect, and set out the evidence as to why it remains of that opinion.

The absence of a CIA does not prevent representations on the grounds that the premises will give rise to a negative cumulative impact, on one or more of the licensing objectives.

What are we consulting on?
The Home Office’s revised Guidance published pursuant to section 182 of the Licensing Act 2003 states: “A cumulative impact assessment (CIA) may be published by a licensing authority to help it to limit the number or types of licence applications granted in areas where there is evidence to show that the number or density of licensed premises in the area is having a cumulative impact and leading to problems which are undermining the licensing objectives.

It is important that evidence included in the revised CIA is refreshed, robust and relevant to the current problems described. We have carried out a review of the evidence Cumulative Impact Assessment ( This includes the results of the previous public survey that sought peoples’ views on each area, which was carried out between 26th April 2022 and 16th May 2022.

We are inviting views on whether there is evidence for each area that the number or density of licensed premises is having a cumulative impact sufficient to justify an assessment of cumulative impact on the basis that the Licensing Objectives are being undermined. Your responses will be taken into account by the Licensing Committee when making its decision.  

The locations of the current areas can be found below, both these will open in a new window, with the function to zoom in and out.
Town Centre and Cultural Quarter MAP
Stockton Heath MAP