Electric Vehicle Consultation

We are committed to providing attractive alternatives to car travel. However, we recognise that motorised transport will continue to play a significant role in Warrington’s transport system. So we are looking at ways of supporting more residents and businesses to change from traditional, diesel or petrol-powered vehicles to electric vehicles (or EVs).

Changing from petrol or diesel to an EV helps to address the climate emergency and helps to improve air quality.

Through this consultation we want to hear from you about how we can best support residents and businesses to change to electric vehicles.

To support this aim we have commissioned an Electric Vehicle Strategy. This has been developed with expert support from Jacobs and Zero Carbon Futures and is guided by the following objectives:
  • Reduce carbon emissions in Warrington;
  • Improve air quality levels;
  • Align with the LTP4 ambition to reduce single occupancy journeys (particularly for shorter journeys) and move towards an integrated transport network.
The draft strategy is available to read here (Draft EV Strategy (warrington.gov.uk). This consultation provides the opportunity for you to tell us what you think of the draft strategy.