Proposed Submission Version Local Plan

Our draft Local Plan, otherwise known as our Updated Proposed Submission Version Local Plan, will be our guiding framework for future development and infrastructure provision in Warrington.

Our previous draft Local Plan, published in March 2019, received around 3,200 responses to the consultation. We have taken on board many of the views of local people - much of which focused on how brownfield sites should continue to be prioritised ahead of Green Belt. This, along with the profound impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and changing Government housing methodology, has meant that, in preparing our updated draft Local Plan, we are proposing some big changes.

Useful documents
You can read about these changes in more detail on our website, where you can also read guidance to help you make your representation. Links to these are provided below: 

Proposed Submission Version Local Plan (2021) | 

The closing date is Monday 15th November at 5pm.

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