Warrington Town Deal

Warrington’s Town Deal will help us to deliver seven transformative projects that will bring benefits to our borough for generations. We have £22m funding to make our Towns Fund ambitions a reality – and as part of realising our vision, we’d love to hear from you, so that your opinions and suggestions help to shape our progress.

About the survey
The survey is split into short sections and asks you to type in a box or select answers from a drop down list.  Feedback can be provided on all or as few of the workstreams as you wish. Before completing this survey please read Warrington Town Deal | warrington.gov.uk .  (all web links will open in a new window). 
  • Advanced Construction & Civil Engineering (ACCE) Centre
  • Bus Fleet Depot
  • Digital Enterprise Hub
  • Health and Wellbeing Hub
  • Health and Social Care Academy (HSCA)
  • Sustainable Travel Programme
  • Remastered Cultural Hub
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Data Protection and Confidentiality
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Other formats
If you have any concerns or questions about the survey, require the questionnaire in another language or format including large print, Braille, audio or British Sign Language or simply require assistance in completing the form please email equalities@warrington.gov.uk