In order to maintain a good level of personal wellbeing it can be helpful to spend a few minutes reflecting on how we are feeling, both physically and mentally.

This self-assessment is to help you understand how you are feeling*, identify what may be causing you stress and suggest some ways to help improve your overall wellbeing.

*Guidance notes
We encourage everyone to identify what wellbeing means to them and to seek ways to maintain and improve it. This activity may bring surprising results. It is an opportunity to celebrate the things that are going well and acknowledge areas where we may need a little extra help. We encourage you to talk to your family, friends, manager or a trusted colleague and seek further support if you need to.

Current wellbeing
Give each of the following a rating of 1 to 5 (1 = you feel it none of the time, 5 = you feel it all the time)

I feel optimistic about the future
I feel useful
I feel relaxed
I am interested in other people
I have energy to spare
I deal with problems well
I can think clearly
I feel good about myself
I feel close to other people
I feel confident
I am able to make up my mind about things
I feel loved
I am interested in new things
I feel cheerful