Instrument Class Sets Booking Form for Whole Class Ensemble Tuition (WCET) & Projects ***We can no longer accept booking requests for the Summer Term 2020***

1. Instrument Class Sets – Terms and Conditions

All bookings are subject to availability of stock. Please give your three choices of instruments in preferred order. If we cannot offer you a set of your choice, we will contact you directly. You will receive confirmation of your booking within a few days.

If you have any questions, please call 01392 287235 or email

By completing this form you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions
* All instruments MUST remain in school at all times with the exception of performance events. Pupils are not permitted to take instruments home under this scheme. Instruments should be stored in a safe and secure place and schools are responsible for any loss or damage of instruments.
* All instruments and accessories must be returned in good condition, allowing for a degree of wear & tear from usage. Schools/settings are liable for replacement/repair costs where damage is deemed excessive.
* All instruments and accessories must be ready for collection (in the correct cases where applicable) on the date agreed, from one location. Schools/settings are expected to find and return any missing items within a maximum of one calendar month to avoid being invoiced for the replacement cost.
* Devon Music Education Hub reserves the right to recall instruments, with appropriate notice, for a short time for key events such as The Mix festival in the summer term.
* Class sets are available as advertised, with no alterations to quantity or type of instruments, unless otherwise stated and agreed by Devon Music Education Hub.
* Please check all instruments on receipt and advise us immediately of any missing or damaged items, otherwise your school may be charged at the end of the loan period.
* Please inform us with at least 3 days’ notice if you wish to cancel or amend your delivery or collection. If our driver is unable to deliver or collect instruments, you may be charged for the wasted trip
The information provided on this form will be used in relation to the instrument hire agreement and will not be processed or shared for any unrelated purpose. Where you are completing personal information for another individual, please provide that person with access to our privacy notice. For further information our full privacy notice is available at

1. Please select the type of school or setting from the drop-down menu. Instrument loans, delivery and collection are subsidised for state schools or settings in the Devon LA area. Private schools and those from outside the Devon LA area will be charged £76.50+VAT per term and will be required to collect and return instruments to our Willand office.


2. Full name of school/setting responsible for the instrument set (where it will be delivered, collected from and remain throughout the loan period)


3. If different, name of school/setting, organisation or cluster responsible for the instruments (to pay hire fee if more than one set and additional costs as necessary) *


4. What is your FIRST choice of Instrument Class Set? *


5. What is your SECOND choice of Instrument Class Set? *


6. What is your THIRD choice of Instrument Class Set? *


7. Number of Instruments required max. 35 (some sets are a fixed number) *


8. When do you require your Instrument Class Set and for how long? Most sets (excluding IT sets) can be kept for longer than one term - please indicate if you would like a set for longer. We can no longer accept requests for Summer 2020 *


9. Named contact responsible for instruments *


10. Email address for named contact responsible for instruments *


11. Office/admin email address for school/setting *


12. Age group of children/young people that will be using these instruments *


13. Can you provide any further information about the project you are planning to deliver? e.g. Will tuition be delivered by a classroom teacher of a visiting music teacher? How many children/young people will benefit from the use of these instruments? Will you be using Charanga Musical School or other digital teaching resources to support this work? *


14. To opt-in for Devon Music Education Hub updates via email please confirm your consent - please note that our privacy policy can be found here *

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