Windrush Event Feedback

1. Today's Event

Thanks for coming along to this event today! We're glad you joined us. To help us understand the difference events like this make and how we can keep improving them, we would be grateful if you could fill out this feedback form. All the following questions are optional and your answers are anonymous. Please do not include any information by which you may be identified. Near Neighbours (the organization overseeing the Windrush Day Grant Scheme) will hold your anonymous data securely and and use it to better understand the impact of this event.

The survey should only take 2-3 minutes of your time. Thanks!


1. What organisation hosted today’s event?


2. Is this your first time at an event about the Windrush Generation?


3. Which of these statements describe your experience of today’s event? Please tick all that apply.


4. How would you like to follow up after today’s event? Please tick all that apply.


5. What is one thing you learned today?


6. How were you inspired today?


Do you have a more inclusive understanding of ‘British’ identity? Please explain your answer.


7. Any other feedback you’d like to share with us?