Relationships - Gloucestershire

This survey is designed to find out what services are available to the young people of Gloucestershire when it comes to relationship support.

We want to know what it is young people want to see from their local services, this is your time to let your opinion shine through, be honest, be passionate, it might be in word form, but your voice makes a difference, so write it loud!

If you have any questions get in touch with Healthwatch Gloucestershire at

What do we mean by a relationship? This can be with;
  • Parents / legal guardians / family
  • Friends
  • Bullying
  • Intimate relationships (emotional and sexual health support)
  • Work relationships

1. Are there any relationships we did not mention above?


2. Do you find relationships difficult?


3. In what ways do you find relationships affect your mental health?


4. Has Covid impacted your relationships or ability to get them?


5. Do you think young people would benefit from relationship support? Why?


6. Have you ever had relationship support?


7. If so, where did you go to get the support? For example: GP, School nurse, friends…


8. Would you feel confident asking for help when It comes to relationships? Why?


9. Do you think there are services missing that young people would benefit from having access to regarding relationships? Why?


10. Do you have anything you would like to comment on regarding services aimed at young people?

By telling us more information about yourself, you can help us better understand how people's experiences may differ depending on their personal characteristics.  However, if you do not wish to answer these questions you do not have to.

11. How old are you?


12. Would you identify yourself as having a disability (physical and/or invisible)?


13. Which ethnic group do you identify with?


14. Which gender do you identify with?


15. What is your sexual orientation?


16. What religion do you identify with?


17. Healthwatch Gloucestershire would like to anonymously use comments provided in this survey within published reports. These reports are shared with the public and health decision makers to help improve services.

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