ABUHB Intergenerational Practice Survey Dec 2020

1. ABUHB Intergenerational Practice Survey 2020

We would love your feedback which will help us improve services

1. Please tell us where you study?


2. Which is your school based?


3. How would you rate your experience of being involved with the intergenerational practice project?


4. What impact has the intergenerational project had on your patients / pupils / residents wellbeing


5. During the Covid Emergency back in March, our intergenerational project had to be temporarily suspended and we are now developing intergenerational practice to be done virtually. What, if any, impact has this suspension had on the wellbeing?


6. How keen would you be for the intergeneratinal project to resume once it is safe to do so?


7. What intergenerational activities have worked well?


8. What intergenerational activites could be improved or introduced?


9. How often were you meeting up for intergeneratinal practice?


10. What difficulties have you experienced with the intergenerational project?


11. What improvements could the Person Centred Care Team make to support you and your work?


12. How likely are you to recommend intergenerational practice to others?