PTRC Rack Wait List Application
PTRC have a number of racking spaces available which can be rented on a monthly basis for a cost of £15 per month. We have a limited number of indoor racks and operate a waiting list for these when at full capacity and a larger number of outdoor racks. Cost is £15 per month for both indoor and outdoor racks. .

Should you wish to apply for racking space you will need to complete this application form which will then be taken to the general committee for authorisation.  The membership secretary will be in touch once this has occured to let you know the decision of committee.

If you are ordering a new boat, you must apply and have approved a racking application before purchasing your boat or have somewhere to store it offsite.  

PTRC accept no responsibility for boats kept on racks. Boat owners must arrange their own insurance. 

Please note, there are currently no spare racks at the club and all applications when approved join a waiting list.
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