St. John's School Parent Reading Survey (Years 1-6)


1. Which year group is your child in?


2. Is your child a boy or girl?


3. Does your child enjoy reading at home to themselves?


4. Does your child enjoy reading to, or sharing books with others (younger siblings or parents)?


5. Do you feel that your child is a motivated reader?


6. If you read aloud, do you and your child have a running dialogue with questions about the story?


7. How many days a week does your child read at home?


8. How many minutes per night will your child read without having to be asked?


9. If your child does not read regularly at home please explain why (not motivated, other interests / activities, lack of books at home etc).


10. Does your child have books at home?


11. Where does your child get the books he / she reads mostly? *


12. Does your child ever talk to you about the books he / she is reading? *


13. Do you know of any obstacles that get in the way of your child being a good reader? If so, what are they?


14. Please check all of the following that apply to you:

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