Female Membership Dissertation Questionnaire

Hello, my name is Matthew Bradley and I am a final year undergraduate student at the University of Lincoln, where I study Sport Business Management. As part of my final year project I am looking at female membership in golf. The information extracted from the questionnaire will remain anonymous and should only take a few minutes to complete. 

1. Are you a member of a golf club? (If no please proceed to question 5) *


2. How long have you been a member at your club?


3. Why did you choose to play at your current club? (Check applicable answer/s)


4. Are golf club facilities a factor when joining a club?


5. How would you rate the opportunities available to you at your golf club? *


6. Why do you play golf? *


7. How often do you play any type of golf a week? *


8. How many clubs have you been a member of? *


9. If you have been a member of more that one club, why is this the case?


10. Please rate how comfortable you feel within these situations? *

Very Uncomfortable Uncomfortable Average Comfortable Very Comfortable
Ladies Competitions
Mixed Competitions
Practice Facilities
Club House (Bar/ Restaurant)
Professionals Shop

11. Please rate each of the following statements *

Strongly Disagree Disagree Average Agree Strongly Agree
Male members are usually treated more favorable then female members
Male members get more access to the course then female members
Golf as a whole is becoming more inclusive to females
There is much more clothing and equipment available for men

12. How would you classify your occupation? *


13. What is your gender?


14. How old are you?

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