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1. What category are your sporting goals most likely to be linked to? *


2. Within each of the above categories we offer the following package options. Which one would be of most interest to you?
NB. All meal plans include your meals and supplements such as Whey protein and Creatine. *


3. Our Quick Start, Quick Start Plus and personal Plan are all operated off a set menu which we tailor to the nutrition needs of the athlete or the calorie level selected. Within each of these plans we offer 2-3 options for each meal plan which are exactly the same regarding Macronutrient content (Carbohydrates, proteins and fats). For example for Breakfast on one of our meal plans you may be given option A,B,C where you can select how many of each option you would like. i.e. 3xA, 2xB, 2x. Our intention is to give athletes some flexibility as well as some variability. Tell us your opinion of how we have structured our meal plans. *


4. For the Meal plan that you believe would be best suited to you, please tell us the maximum you would be happy to pay for this service.


5. Given what you know about our service at this stage, is this something that you would be interested in purchasing?


6. What do you feel we could do to improve our current service offering that would make you more likely to be interested in purchasing this service.


7. Are you male or Female?


8. What age are you?


9. What is your current income ?


10. What sport do you participate in?


11. Do you currently compete or plan to compete in the near future? If so at what level?


12. How much do you currently spend per week on nutrition for your chosen sport including groceries for your meals(meats veg rice etc), protein powders and supplements.


13. What do you feel is the hardest part of following a nutrition plan?


14. Would you like us to contact you with news and info regarding our services?

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