Haddo House & Country Park Visitor Survey


1. How long is your journey to Haddo?


2. How often do you visit Haddo? *


3. Would you describe yourself as *


4. Where did you get any information about Haddo before your visit? *


5. What was the main reason for your last visit to Haddo? *


6. Where did you go during your visit to Haddo (please tick all that apply)? *


7. What did you enjoy most about Haddo on this visit? *


8. Was there anything you didn't enjoy about Haddo during your visit?


9. Overall how satisfied were you with your trip to Haddo? *


10. Was there anything we can do/could have done to make your visit to Haddo more enjoyable?


11. How many people were in your group during your visit? Please put numbers in the appropriate boxes

Under 16

12. Did you have a dog (or dogs) with you on your visit?


13. Are you a member of any of these organisations/charities?


14. To which group do you consider you belong? *


15. If you have any other comments about your visit then please let us know.

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