Adomast Customer Survey Jan 2015

Adomast values your feedback. We want to improve our products and services to you, and we'd like your help to achieve this through providing honest and constructive comments to the 12 questions that follow – the more honest the better. All responses are CONFIDENTIAL - Thank you !
Please feel free to expand on the following ratings (unless otherwise stated) using the comment boxes provided for each question.
1 (Poor), 2 (Adequate), 3 (Good), 4 (Very Good), 5 (Excellent)

1. How long have you been dealing with Adomast?


Sales Office Service 

Please rate your experience when dealing with our sales office staff.... when placing orders, needing product knowledge, requesting prices, general enquiries and checking on delivery information etc 


Administration & Paperwork
Please rate us in terms of our accounting administration and paperwork... e.g. sorting out queries and the quality of our paperwork (delivery notes, invoices, credit notes P.O.D.'s) etc 


Technical Knowledge & Support 

Please rate the quality of our technical expertise... this is our in-depth product knowledge and our ability to help you with solutions to problems or opportunities.


5. Product Quality / Effectiveness
How would you rate our products "Do what they say they do on the tin" in terms of their effectiveness, consistency and usage?


Delivery Service Options

Please rate our service levels in terms of how quickly we were able to fulfil your order?


Delivery Service Levels
Please give a rating from 1 (Poor)  to  5 (Excellent)  for our delivery partners.

(If you do not receive deliveries from any or all then please leave blank) 


Product Training on Adomast

We have found that improved product knowledge has a direct impact on customer service and sales. As a result we offer product training across our entire product range.

Would you and / or your staff be interested in Adomast product training ?


Adomast's Product Range
What products would you like to see Adomast stocking that you either have no current supplier, or currently purchase from another supplier? Please list all that apply.


We are sure many of you will have visited our newly re-designed website... How would you rate the site on how easy it is to find the information you need?


Adomast in General 

Use the comments box below  to " Help us Help you " with suggestions, comments or improvements we can make....

This survey is confidential...
However, if you want us to follow up anything with you, please provide your contact details here.. 


And Finally... 

THREE WORDS that best describe your view of ADOMAST !

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