Customer Service Feedback for Love Keewi/Keewi Media


1. Can you please remind me of your name? *


2. Which area do you live in? *


3. How did you hear about Love Keewi/Keewi Media? *


4. Which of the services below did you require? *


5. What were your expectations prior to hiring/working with Love Keewi/Keewi Media? *


6. How has that perception changed since you’ve used my services? *


7. If you were to recommend me to a colleague, friend, or business associate, how would you describe the way I provided my service to you (or, the way I helped you achieve a certain result)? *


8. How would you describe my services? *


9. What areas of service would you like to see improved? *


10. Would you use Love Keewi/Keewi Media again? *


11. Please use this space to share your own personal comments/thoughts. *


12. I'm proud of the work I produce and love to show my projects. I may have chosen a design completed for you, to showcase on my website I do produce funeral prints and understand that you may prefer not to have these shown. Please check the box below if you prefer for your print not to be displayed.

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