Sunningdale Parish Council Residents' Survey November 2017

Welcome to our residents' survey.

Thank you for agreeing to take part in the survey which measures your satisfaction with the wide range of facilities and services that Sunningdale Parish Council (SPC) provides, some of which are listed below.

As you know, SPC is funded by an annual precept (£2.90 per month per Band D household), which is collected by the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead with the council tax.

We want to make sure that we are spending your money on the right things, given that funds are limited, and data we collect will help us develop our plans for the coming financial year.

Completing the questionnaire

The questionnaire will be available from Tuesday, 7 November to Friday 24 November 2017 inclusive.
  • ​Complete it online via the SPC homepage -
  • Print a paper copy using the download link on the SPC homepage
  • Pick up a paper copy from the parish office in Broomhall Lane recreation ground
​Drop your completed questionnaire into the Parish office in Broomhall Lane recreation ground.

​We will be publicise the results in January 2018.

Thank you for letting us have your views.

Sunningdale Parish Council

Some of the facilities and services provided by SPC
  • Broomhall Lane recreation ground - playgrounds, tennis courts, football/rugby facilities, adult exercise equipment, refreshment chalet, benches and sheltered seating areas and free car parking for visitors.
  • Parish office - open 30 hours per week
  • Community room
  • The only public toilets in the village
  • Church Road allotments
  • Kiln Lane cemetery
  • Seven dog bins - emptied weekly
  • Three bus shelters
  • Three village recycling bins
  • Five grit/salt bins
  • Wooden benches throughout the parish
  • Year - round flower baskets and eight London Road planters
  • Sunningdale Christmas celebration event in partnership with Sunningdale businesses
  • Christmas lights - and much much more...

1. How many people live in your household (including children) usually live in your household? *


2. What is your gender? *


3. Which age group do you belong to? *


4. What is your postcode? *


5. Do you feel involved in village life? *


6. How do you find out what is happening in Sunningdale? (please tick all that apply) *


7. Do you attend any of the following? *

Sunningdale christmas event
Monthly parish surgery
Annual parish meeting
Parish council meetings
Planning committee meetings

8. Would you like to see any of the following events introduced? (select all that apply) *


9. Are you satisfied with the facilities at the Broomhall Lane recreation ground? *

Very satisfiedSatisfiedNo opinionSlightly disatisfiedVery disatisfiedDo not use
Mobile library (RBWM)
Tennis courts
Adult exercise equipment
Chalet cafe

10. Would you be prepared to help fund improvements to the village via any of the following methods? *

Pay more council tax for parish projects
Participate in village fundraising activities
Contribute directly to a project fund

11. Do you think it is important to preserve the Green Belt in and around Sunningdale?


12. Please suggest one thing to be considered for next year's expenditure that you think would benefit the residents of Sunningdale.

The following questions relate to services that are the responsibility of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (RBWM). 

13. How satisfied are you with the following? *

Very satisifedSatisfiedNo opinionSlightly disastifiedVery disastified
Condition of roads
Condition of public footpaths
Quantity and location of litter bins
Managment of roadside verges
Accessiblity for those with disabilities

14. What do you think RBWM could do to improve the environment in Sunningdale? (tick as appropriate) *


15. Which of the following traffic control measures would you support? (tick as appropriate) *


Thank you

Thank you for your time and your valuable feedback. 

The results will be available in January 2018 via the Sunningdale Parish Council website, on council noticeboards and at the parish office.
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