Feedback Survey Henley Women's Regatta 2018


1. Define your involvement with this year’s regatta? *


2. Did you use the HWR website at any time to obtain any information about this regatta? *


3. If you used the HWR website, please indicate your level of satisfaction with the following areas of the website visited.

Very satisfiedSatisfiedDissatisfiedVery dissatisfiedNot applicable
Competitor information: entry criteria / regatta rules
Access to the draw and race results
Spectator information for visiting the regatta
Access to car parking information
Ease of booking car parking online
Information for international crews
Information on the facilities available to competitors
Accommodation information
The FAQ (frequently asked questions) sections
Access to social media
Booking lunch or afternoon tea online
Access to online TV stream
News and photo gallery
Ability to contact regatta organisers via the website
The 'shop' section
Mobile phone format of the website

4. We really value your overall feedback about the HWR website. Please review the following statements and indicate the degree to which you agree or disagree with them.

Strongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagreeN/A
The overall design and images used bring a fresh, modern approach to HWR.
I found it easy to locate all the relevant information I needed.
The way that the website menu is set up makes it easy to navigate.
Overall, I am very satisfied with the new HWR website.

5. Did you visit the regatta? *


6. When you visited the regatta, where did you travel from? Please select from the drop down menu.


7. When you visited the Regatta, please indicate the options that were most applicable (more than one can be chosen)?


8. Where did you, your crew members, including coxes, coaches or friends go to eat breakfast and dinner? (mark any that apply)


9. We would like your feedback on the catering options which were available during the regatta. Please use the drop down menus only for those where purchases were made.

Variety of foodSpeed of serviceQuality of foodValue for money
The Gamekeeper (burgers, etc)
The Cooking Cooks (Italian, pizza, etc)
Veggie Planet
Camper Cafe

10. We value your feedback and levels of satisfaction during your visit to HWR on the following areas:

Very satisfiedSatisfiedDissatisfiedVery dissatisfiedNot applicable
Access to parking
Changing facilities for competitors
Access and availability of boat racks
Being able to access the results of racing.
Standard of race commentary
Availability of drinking water
The number and cleanliness of toilets
Availability of seating / picnic areas
Variety of hot / cold beverages for purchase.
Choice of non-food exhibitors / vendors
Availability of covered areas (for weather purposes)
Overall, please rate your experience of visiting HWR

11. if you considered purchasing any of the HWR range of merchandise but you did NOT make a purchase, please indicate as many reasons why against the appropriate merchandise.

Design not likedColour(s) not appropriateToo expensiveDid not have what I wanted in stockI could not afford itI would buy it later via the website.
Artwork (posters/cards)
T Shirts
Performance clothing

12. HWR wants all participants to be able to access races, results, photos and other information via social media. Regardless of whether you did or did not visit HWR, we want you to rate your social media experience of the regatta.

Very satisfiedSatisfiedDissatisfiedVery dissatisfiedNot applicable
General information about HWR
Race information
Access to results
Photos of HWR
TV streaming
Facebook - overall satisfaction
Twitter - overall satisfaction
Instagram - overall satisfaction
Youtube - overall satisfaction

13. If you could change/improve ONE thing at HWR, what would it be? *

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