What does the St Paul's Carnival mean to you?


1. How are you involved in the Carnival?


2. How many times have you been involved with the St Paul's Carnival, including this year?


3. Are you involved in other carnivals during the year?


4. If heritage is defined as the things, including traditions, that we want to be remembered, saved, passed onto our children.

In your opinion how effectively does the St Paul's Carnival represent the heritage of the Afro-Caribbean community?


5. Are there other events or exhibitions that represent Afro-Caribbean heritage more effectively than the carnival?


6. Do you believe there are parts of Afro-Caribbean heritage that are underrepresented in Britain?


7. What is the main reason you take part in the St Paul's Carnival?


8. Do you identify the St Paul's Carnival as being a part of the culture of Bristol as a whole, or just the Afro-Caribbean community?


9. How important is it to you that the St Paul's Carnival continues to be held every year?


10. If you are the parent/carer of children taking part in the carnival, how important is it to you that they are involved?

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