Renewal Project


1. What do you like about Trowell?


2. What don’t you like about Trowell?


3. Have you ever attended a service or event at St Helen’s Church?


4. Have you ever attended a meeting, group or event at St Helen’s Church Hall (Nottingham Road)?


5. Have you ever attended a meeting, group or event at the Parish Hall (Stapleford Road)?


6. What sort of events or meeting have you ever attended in the Church, Church Hall or Parish Hall? *


7. Do you think it is a good idea to re-order St Helen’s Church to create a space more usable by the community?


8. What other events or meetings would you like to see in Trowell,
that might be appropriate to take place in a re-ordered St Helen’s Church?


9. Would you be interested in arranging a meeting or event to take place in St Helen’s Church?


10. Would you attend any of the following events or meetings in St Helen’s Church if it was re-ordered, and if they were available?


To help with planning forward it would be useful to know:

How many children do you have living with you at home?


12. What ages are your children who live at home?

0-4 years old 5-9 years old 10-14 years old15-20 years old 21 or older

13. What Street do you live on? *


14. Further Comments

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