EPC - Engineering Enrolments Survey 2017/18

The official enrolment information for 2017/18 entry to UK universities will not be publicly available until early Spring 2018. Given the impact of myriad changes in the sector, the Engineering Professors' Council would like to repeat the very successful poll of members it has conducted over the last years to get a sense of the recruitment and enrolment experience in engineering - at both undergraduate and postgraduate level - across UK HEIs this autumn.  

We understand that enrolment numbers will not yet be stable but ask that you provide your best estimates based on your institution's latest information. The more responses we receive, the more robust the feedback with which we can provide you on the national picture so we do hope that as many of you as possible will participate, as indeed you have in previous years. You need to provide the name of your institution to help with the processing of the survey, but the published results will be anonymised with institutions identified only by mission group and size of department.

It is intended that the results will form the basis of a session at the annual EPC Recruitment and Admissions Forum to be held at Manchester Metropolitan University on 15 November 2017. Book your place.

You will be asked which engineering discipline(s) you are submitting data for. The choices are the 7 standard HESA cost centres:
  • Chemical, process and energy engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Electrical, electronic and computer engineering
  • General engineering
  • Mechanical, aero and production engineering
  • Mineral, metallurgy and materials engineering
  • Software engineering
For this year's edition we also included the following options:
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Product design
  • Other 
Please check the one(s) that is the closest fit.

Please start by indicating your


Please indicate whether your university is a member of the following mission groups.


Please indicate which region of the UK your institution is in.