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1. Help us support our community better
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Assalamualaikum Respected Brother / Sister. We pray that you are in the best of states. May Allah shower his mercy and blessings upon you. We have created this short survey which will take less than a minute to complete insha'Allah. The results will allow us to asses our weaknesses and help us improve our service to our community insha'Allah.

1. If you needed to arrange a burial which cemeteries would you consider *


2. Which of the following factors would be most important to you when choosing a cemetery *

1. Not important2. Somewhat Important3. Very Important4. Essential
Islamic Requirements (Shrouded burials, facing Qibla etc)
Options to secure plots next to your loved one

3. Have you heard about Eternal Gardens? *


4. How likely are you to recommend Eternal Gardens to others for burials *


5. What do you most like about Eternal Gardens *


6. What would you most like to see improved at the Eternal Gardens *


7. Which one of the following attracts you most to Eternal Gardens *


8. Is there any reason you would not choose Eternal Gardens for the burial of a loved one? *


9. What aspect do you most like about alternative cemeteries that you would like to see implemented at the Eternal Gardens *


10. How relevant do you feel burial planning is for you *

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