Inter Faith Week 2017 - Activity organiser survey

This survey is for Inter Faith Week activity holders. It has been created by the Inter Faith Network for the UK, which leads on the Week. We would be very pleased if you would take a short time to share your experiences and views. Your responses will help us to develop the Week, share learning, and strengthen our year-round work to support good inter faith relations at all levels.

Most questions, other than very basic information, are voluntary. Please respond the way you feel best able/appropriate. There is a space at the end of the survey if you'd like to tell us more.

If you have held an event to mark Scottish Interfaith Week, please contact for information about how to give feedback. 

We would like, if possible, to be able to quote responses given in this survey. Whether or not choose to make your responses attributable, they will be enormously helpful in developing the Week.

Thank you!

Details about activity


Please indicate which of the following best describes your organisation:


What do you think is the most important thing about Inter Faith Week?


What do you think was the best thing about your Inter Faith Week activity this year?


What do you think was particularly positive about Inter Faith Week over all this year?