Labour Safe Screen Questionnaire

Thank you for taking the time to fill in this questionnaire. 
The questionnaire should take around 1 hour to complete as there are 80 questions that may require several staff members to complete. This is in order to collect a broad selection of data which will be used by the LSS to establish where the greatest need for human trafficking solutions are in specific supply
This information will help the LSS refine and clarify project details, and help the
LSS provide companies with more detailed, and tailored information and advice
in the future.
The LSS is a program designed around ensuring that sensitive corporate supply chain data is held securely and is accessible only by authorised users.

Only one point of contact will handle the information, which will continue to belong to your company.  The data will be extracted and made anonymous immediately.

The information supplied in the questionnaire will of course be protected and be held internally by the LSS in order to clarify project details and procedures. The information will also not be distributed to the public or to any other company or organisation.

Product Details


What is the main species being caught and landed?


In what ocean region(s) was the main species caught?

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