Council Tax 2019/20 - Have your say on police funding

A message from the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey:

Have your say on next year’s police funding

Would you be prepared to pay an extra £2 a month in council tax for an additional 100 police officers in Surrey?
The county’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) David Munro wants to hear residents’ views on a proposed £24 a year increase for a Band D property in the policing element of the council tax that they will pay for the next financial year.
One of the PCC’s key responsibilities is to set the overall budget for Surrey Police including determining the level of council tax raised for policing in the county known as the precept.
The Commissioner is inviting the public to fill in a short online survey on whether or not they would support the suggested rise which would mean doubling the number of officers in our dedicated neighbourhood teams across the county.
These teams are made up of officers and PCSOs posted to local neighbourhoods to solve local problems. They work alongside the bigger Area Policing Teams who respond to and investigate local crimes.
The increase would also help Surrey Police invest in specialist officers to tackle serious organised crime gangs and drug dealers in our communities.
In December, the Home Office gave PCCs across the country the flexibility to increase the policing element of a Band D Council Tax bill by up to £2 a month – the equivalent of around 10% across all bands. In Surrey, every 1% rise in the police precept equates to around £1m in additional income.

For Surrey, the PCC’s proposal of £2 a month would mean the policing element of residents’ average Band D council tax increasing from £236.57 to £260.57 a year.  In return, the PCC has pledged to increase the number of officers and PCSOs in the county by 100 by April 2020.

The PCC is keen to hear views on his proposal so please take a few minutes to complete our brief survey and have your say.
This consultation will close at midnight on Monday 28 January 2019. If you want to read more about the PCC’s proposal and the reasons for it – click here

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