Landlord/Property Manager Survey


1. Are You a Landlord? *


2. Property type (landlord/property manager):


3. If you are a landlord or property manager, do you currently use an electronic/digital tool to manage your rental unit(s)? (Tenants, do not answer) *


4. If using elecronic/digital solution, what is the name of it and what do you use it for?


5. Have you had a tenant damage your property? *


6. Do you agree with this statement: "Legal battles are expensive"


7. Do you agree with this statement: "My tenant would sue me"


8. Do you agree with this statement: "I feel confident that my documents, photos, etc would hold-up in court if my tenant sued me"


9. Would you pay for an electronic/digital solution if it reduced the chance of your tenant suing you?


10. Would you use an electronic/digital solution if it meant less damage to your rental unit?


11. How much would you pay (per unit/per month) for an electronic/digital solution that made it very unlikely that your tenant would sue you, less damage to your unit occurred and your documentation was more likely to stand up in court?


12. If you have a digital solution, what do you pay now? (per unit, per month)


13. What are you most afraid of as a landlord or property manager of rental units (home, apt, condo, etc)? *Check all that apply.


14. What frequency do you rent your unit(s)? (month to month, 6 month lease, annual, etc)

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