Fakenham Gateway SureStart Centre Parent Survey


1. About you
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This survey is anonymous. We only ask for your postcode so we can make sure you are in the Fakenham Gateway SureStart Catchment area. We ask for details of your children's ages so we can determine if services are reaching the right age groups. There is an opportunity at the end of the survey to give your contact details if you wish us to contact you about something specific. This is optional.

1. What is your postcode? *


2. Please tell us about your children.

UnbornUnder 1 yr1 yr2 yrs3 yrs4 yrs5 to 8 yrs
How many children do you have in the following age groups?

3. Did you know that Fakenham Gateway SureStart Centre offers services to all familes of 0-8s in it's catchment area, including expectant parents?


4. How often do you have contact with Fakenham Gateway SureStart Children's Centre? (on average)

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