Parent Survey Online

1. Parent Survey

Please help us collect valuable information which will help us develop our website to make it more user-friendly and to ensure we provide information that parents want to have when thinking about choosing a school. All participants will be entered into a draw for a £50 M&S voucher. The winner will be notified by Email on Wednesday 2nd April

1. Please provide us with your Email address *


2. Are you happy with your understanding of the following types of school?

Extremely happyHappyI would like to know moreI have very limited knowledgeNo knowledge
Maintained school
Free school
Independent school
Boarding school
Special school
International school

3. Please could you share with us where you get information on schooling?


4. Please could you share with us where you get information on parenting?


5. If you were to need information about special educational needs please could you tell us where you would look for it?


6. Do you use any of the following?:

DailyWeeklyMonthlyA few times a yearOnce a year or lessNever

7. Do you ever participate in online forums / online discussions?


8. Do you use, or have you used in the past, any of the following websites? (please tick all that apply)


9. Please tell us how important these sources of information are to you when choosing a school in your local area?

Extremely importantImportantNot sureUnimportantVery Unimportant
Recommendation from a friend
Local reputation
Brochure or prospectus information
Articles in national magazines and newspapers
Articles in local or parish magazines
Schools' own website
Independent websites listing and comparing schools
Independent ratings based on exam grades and performance figures
Ofsted or other official reports
National ranking
Other (please specify below)

10. When comparing schools what is the most important factor for you?

Extremely importantImportantNot sureUnimportantVery unimportant
Class size
Results and progress
Teacher / pupil ratio
Quality of pastoral care
Curriculum and subjects offered
Discipline, pupil behaviour and safety
Size of school
Religious affiliation
Other (please specify below)

11. Could you share with us how would you go about looking for a school if you were moving to a new area within the UK?


12. Please could you tell us how would you go about looking for an overseas school if you were moving to another country?


13. Could you share with us how would you go about finding information on independent / private schools if you were interested?


14. What would you expect the annual fees for a private school to be?


15. Please could you share with us where would you go to get information and advice on entrance exams / 11+ exams?


16. If there are any aspects of schooling and education that you feel you don't know enough about, or would like more information on, please could you share this with us?


17. Would you be interested in a local coffee morning where you could chat to other like-minded parents interested in education and schooling?