Pedal Power User Survey

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1. What is your name? *


2. What is your age? *


3. What is your home post code *


4. What is your employment status? (Please select one response only) *


5. Which of the following best describes your ethnic background? *


6. Please rate the following elements of the scheme. *

Very goodGoodNeither good or poorPoorVery Poor
The registration process?
The bike handover session (introduction to bike and tips)?

7. Did you participate in any cycle confidence training during your loan period?


8. How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following statements about the effects of participating in this Pedal Power Project? *

Strongly agreeSomewhat agreeNeutralSomewhat disagreeStrongly disagree
I found cycling an enjoyable experience
I am cycling more
Cycling was easier than I expected
I felt safe when I was riding
The bike suited my needs and requirements
I am going to cycle more in the future
I am looking at buying, or have bought a bike of my own
I would recommend the cycle loan scheme
I am more physically active
I have learnt new skills
I have met new people
I feel more connected with people within my community
I can access education or training opportunities more easily
I feel more confident to travel to school/university by bike
I can access Job Centres, job interviews, volunteering opportunities and training courses more easily
I feel more confident to travel to work by bike

9. When you first registered for the Pedal Power scheme, what were your main reasons for renting a bike? *


10. Do you feel that you have achieved these as stated above? *


11. In the past week, on how many days have you done a total of 30 minutes or more of physical activity, which was enough to raise your breathing rate? *


12. Please rate the following statements *

Strongly agreeSomewhat agreeNeutralSomewhat disagreeStrongly disagree
My general fitness has improved/ feel better
I am more active
I have more energy
I am more mobile/ flexible
It has helped me lose weight
It has helped me manage a long standing illness/ condition
I am sleeping better
I feel better about myself
My confidence has increased
It gives me an opportunity to relax
I have benefitted from meeting new people
I have taken steps to improve my health in other ways

13. During the time that you have had your bike, how many journeys per week did you make by bike, that would have usually been made using other forms of transport? *


14. In a recent typical week, how many individual trips did you make by these means of transport? A trip refers to a single one-way journey. (If none, please write 0). *

Trips 5 miles and under to get to placesTrips 5 miles and over to get to placesLeisure Trips (eg. those for recreation or solely for exercise)
Car, alone
Car, with others

15. How much money do you think you have saved per month by switching to cycling from other forms of transport? *


16. Have you or will you recommend the pedal power scheme to others? *


17. Have any of your family or friends started cycling as a result of you being on the scheme?


18. Have you decided to continue cycling and buy a bike now that you have been on the


19. In the past two weeks how often have you attended the following places *

Number of times
Place of work
Job Centre
Job Interview
Training course
Volunteering opportunities

20. Do you have any comments about the Pedal Power Scheme? Please use this space to tell us about anything you particularly liked, disliked or things we could improve for the future.


21. Is there anything else the Pedal Power scheme helped you with?


22. Thank you for taking part in the pedal power scheme. We are asking all participants to act as case studies for the scheme as a way to encourage other people to get involved. Tick here if you agree to have your photo and quotes published. *


23. By completing this [survey/registration form], you agree to your information being used for the evaluation of the East Sussex Pedal Power project.
Your information will be securely held by Active Cycling Projects Ltd in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
All personal information collected will be stored securely and will not be shared with any other organisations or individuals outside of East Sussex County Council's Access Fund Programme unless required by law. Anonymous data may be included in project reports, which will be shared with project partners, East Sussex County Council, the Department for Transport and others as well as used to support further local and national funding bids.
I have read and understood the above statement *