The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre - email survey


1. When did you last visit The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre to see an event or take part in a cultural activity? *


2. How did you find out about the last event you came to at The Spring? *


3. Please tell us three words that you think best describe The Spring *


4. How would you rate The Spring for being a place that is enjoyable and welcoming to visit?


5. How good do you think The Spring's programme of events and activities is?


6. What are your three favourite things about The Spring?


7. If you could change one thing about The Spring, what would it be?


8. How well do you think we communicate with you? Is there anything we could do to improve our communication? *


9. What are the three main reasons you visit The Spring?
(This could be anything from meeting friends to seeing a particular performer.)


10. Is there anything we could do to make you visit The Spring more often?


11. Is there anything else you would like to tell us?


12. Please tell us your postcode *


13. Which age bracket do you fall within? *


14. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. You have nearly reached the end of our survey.

To thank you for your time we would like to enter you into a prize draw to win four tickets to an event in our Spring 2014 season.
If you would like to enter this draw please leave us your contact details below.


15. Would you be willing, if necessary, to answer further questions about The Spring at a focus group, through further survey opportunities or in one-to-one interviews?
If you haven't left your details above please leave them in the comments box if you would be willing to participate in further research.

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