Integrated Swine Health and Monitoring System


1. How many pigs do you keep?


2. Are your pigs kept predominately outside or inside?


3. Which illnesses/diseases concern you most in your pigs?


4. What signs of illness would you normally look out for in your pigs?


5. Which of these signs (including any named ‘Other’) would you be most interested in live monitoring?


6. How often would you like to receive updates about your pig’s vital signs? (e.g. daily or more/less often)


7. How would you like to receive vital sign updates?


8. Which weather conditions would concern you most regarding the health of your pigs?


9. Would you prefer a system monitoring pig housing conditions e.g. housing temperature and humidity, OR individual monitoring sensor giving feedback for each pig?


10. How much, per house, would you be willing to budget on a housing environment monitoring system?


11. How much, per pig, would you be willing to budget on an individual vital sign monitoring system?


12. How do you think your pigs would react to any wearable technology such as a smart collar?


13. How you would check for temperature fluctuations in your pigs currently?


14. How would you normally check/monitor for lung affecting diseases in your pigs?


15. What signs/behaviour would you currently look for which indicate oestrus onset/heat in sows?

Check out our survey templates or create your own.