Survey of Online Professional Learning


1. Introduction
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This is a survey about online professional learning activity by CLD practitioners and their use of the i-develop platform.

Professional learning and development enhances the quality and impact of CLD practice. Ongoing professional learning is also a requirement of registration with the CLD Standards Council.  Increasingly professional learning is conducted through online means - for collaboration, personal research, keeping up to date, as well as formal learning courses.

The i-develop platform, originally provided by the CLD Standards Council to support professional learning, has been available for several years without major update but with increasing use for varied groups and purposes.  We are also aware that the interface of the i-develop service needs to be revised for accessibility requirements. 

We would like to take this opportunity to ask users about their thoughts, views and experience of online professional learning, and the i-develop service in particular. 

This will help us to support the professional learning needs of CLD practitioners and to update the i-develop platform accordingly, or potentially to move some elements to new application platforms.

If you would like to be further involved in the i-develop review and update, you can provide your details at the end of the survey.

Data protection information on the data you provide:
The data we collect will be analysed by members of the CLDSC Staff team and may be reviewed in an anonymised form by members of the committees. If the CLDSC decides to engage a person or organisation to work on professional learning services the data may also be shared with them in an anonymised form.  Your personal contact information, if you provide that, will not be shared with anyone outside the CLDSC.
The analysis of the information may be shared widely and published but the analysis will not permit identification of individuals in any way.

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