Gender Segregation Survey

This survey is part of a research project investigating the nature and impact of segregation, specifically gender segregation, at universities in the United Kingdom.

Please take a few moments to respond to the questionnaire below. This research project is conducted in full compliance with the Ethics Guidelines of the Social Research Association. Your data will be treated as confidential and your participation will remain anonymous.

For more information about this research please contact:

Thank you for your participation.

Fitnah! Movement for Women's Liberation
One Law for All
Southall Black Sisters

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1. Are you aware of any gender segregated events having taken place at your university? *


2. Of how many gender segregated events are you aware that have taken place at your university in the last three years?


3. Have you heard of any gender segregated events held at other universities?


4. Do you know of any segregated events that were not based on gender? If so, please specify below on what grounds events were segregated.

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